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The Caique (turkish KAYIKO, "boat") is a DOHC boat of Turkish origin and then take in the whole Aegean Sea. The Caique was initially used for fishing and transportation, but thanks to its size, was then adopted as a boat cruise. The Turkish caique is constructed of solid wood and differs from the "gulet" because the the foremast higher than the stern. The width of the spaces and the consequent transformation of convenience favored the caiques cruise and were thus equipped with a motor to allow faster navigation. The Turkish caique can be identified by terms such Gulet, and Aynaki Tirhandil, indicating the shape of the caique.

The ideal time for a caique cruise is from April to October. The boat draft a little and allow to dock in hidden creeks or lose to the beaches.The spaces are comfortable and cozy and the vacation quiet. But it is required a minimum of a spirit of adaptation. The food is excellent, often you can eat fresh fish. Enjoy the starry sky and the many shore excursions as swim in the pristine bays, are just some of the surprises of a caique cruise holiday.

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