Archaeological discovery in Naples

Naples and the myth of the Templars

Beneath the city of Naples have been found 12 crosses carved on the walls of an ancient aqueduct at 35 meters below the road surface. The discovery was made by archaeologists-cavers on the Order of the Templars. Where they buried the Greek and then Roman city runs a narrow winding path that starts from the di Pietrasanta to Prince's Palace of Sansevero. The route will be open in a few months thanks to the efforts of the association caving "Time Machine". On the presence of the Templars in this site were made only guess one of them based on the fact that the church built on the remains of Pietrasanta is a greek temple first and then Roman, which contained a black-skinned goddess. And it is the Black Madonna is venerated by the Templars. From the Courts located in Via Pietrasanta you travel tunnels and caves until you reach the old tank to 35 feet deep. On the walls are etched 12 Templar crosses, called "ricociate" or "enhanced" because they cross to the other end. The path leads to the underground of the Palazzo del Principe Sansevero. Then the cavity tip back toward the church. The mystery deepens because of Pietrasanta in the crypt was found a grave where you can see an inscription of 500 and above a skull and crossbones, an icon of the Templars. All this does tie the myths and legends of the town.

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