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Easy Pompeii

Pompeii opens an alternative route for visitors with special needs, such as mothers with strollers, elderly and disabled, making accessible to all, the most famous and fascinating archaeological site in the World.

The installation of ramps and special fittings allows all those who previously had trouble moving between the sidewalks and paving of the Greek city, to visit easily Pompeii Ruins.

The initiative Pompeiviva made easy access to few symbolic places like the Necropolis of Porta Nocera, the Garden of fugitives and some major domus.

Friendly Pompeii is the most easy and convenient way to visit one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, like Pompeii Ruins.

The journey takes approximately 3 hours, from Piazza Anfiteatro and it is marked with appropriate signs.
In this path you can admire the ancient necropolis of the city, the area planted to vineyards, famous domus like Domus of Menander, Casca Longus and the domus of the four styles, recently reopened to the public after several years of closure.


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