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Easter Events in Sorrento Coast

One of the most significant events of Easter in Sorrento are the processions. These performances take place between Thursday and Good Friday, and are certainly among the most spectacular and popular events on the Peninsula of Sorrento.In all towns in the Peninsula from Vico Equense to Sorrento, are made ​​a series of events, that despite the strong religious character, are real symbols of tradition and folklore that can charm even non-believers and influencing .The procession of Holy Thursday, is the Lady who seeks His Son, the usually around 3 to return to church at dawn.The processions of Holy Thursday are open by the choir of the holy women who intones the Son of Mine The origins of this procession dates back to medieval times, and in particular to the custom of the members of the brotherhoods in groups to visit the various churches of the city at the Tomb Holy Thursday. Over time, these processions have been enriched with symbols: the torches, the recitation of psalms during the procession of the cross. In 1700 the procession rituals was "institutionalized" and has assumed the characteristics it is today. The procession of Holy Thursday is also known by the noun of "White" because of the color of the Sai and the caps worn by the men who take part in this event.

The Good Friday procession representing the funeral procession for the death of Jesus The procession is opened by a band that performs some of the most famous funeral marches, including that of Chopin. During the passage of the parade is the street lights that are turned off shop signs, and the city is lit only by torches carried by the brethren. The atmosphere is made even more evocative of the Miserere sung by the choir of 200 men singing the Psalm 50 in Gregorian style. The precession of Good Friday, from which women are excluded, it is also known as "Black Procession", as the color of the caps and you know that wearing the brothers is typical of mourning.There are two other processions, the red fraction of the Brotherhood of the Trinity in Piano di Sorrento, which is held the night of Holy Thursday to coincide with the White Procession, and the purple of the young brotherhood of Vico Equense, which takes place on the evening of Good Friday . Pure being the youngest, the Procession of Vico Equense Purple is becoming more fame and importance among the Procession of the Holy week in Sorrento.Another aspect of the typical manifestations of the Holy week in Sorrento, you find out by visiting one of the many churches of the Sorrentine Peninsula during Holy Week, we note that it is strongly felt and lived this celebration. Indeed, we can see how carefully, altars are set up the Tomb, a representation of the cave where Jesus was buried

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